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UPDATED August 4, 2012

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"He is housed in a box put on four poles with appropriate inner decorations: a theatre, set-up within seconds at any place you like. The drapery thrown over its poles hides Punch’s SOUL – that is, the one who handles the puppet and lends it the necessary words." – TRAVEL DIARIES of Hermann, Fürst von Pückler- Muskau, 1826

Punch's soul is too big to be contained in one puppet booth, or even on one continent! In marionette form, Punch was in Pennsylvania by 1742, and George Washington recorded buying tickets for a puppet play featuring Punch prior to the famous winter at Valley Forge.

From the 1890s thru the 1920s, Prof. Charles Mack made a wide pitch from his native Boston all the way down to New Jersey. In the 1970s, the late Charles Ludlam performed P&J in the lobby of his Ridiculous Theatre Company. The contemporary fan can see the Sid & Nancy Punk Punch & Judy Show from Drama of Works in Brooklyn... or catch Paul Zaloom of TV's Beakman's World performing Punch & Jimmy – Punch "with a Gay twist" – on the West Coast. Below is an ONLINE PERFORMANCE CALENDAR for Punch and his relations, followed by a growing, linked DATABASE of Punch professors and glove puppet theatres throughout CANADA, the UNITED STATES, and CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA. Scroll down for entries on AFRICA, AUSTRALIA, EUROPE, and the UNITED KINGDOM. Listed shows might star Punch himself... or St George and the Dragon... the Spanish Don Cristobal... the Turkish and Greek shadow puppet star Karagoz... the elaborately costumed French icon Polichinelle... or even Polichinelle's late 18th century successor, the pleasant-faced comic, Guignol. Performances included on the calendar below might take place on street corners, public parks, shopping malls, or Renaissance Faires: wherever one can see a Punch & Judy show! There are also MISCELLANEOUS LINKS FOR PUNCH AND PUPPETRY at the bottom of the page.

Punch Professors and glove puppet performers, if you would like to send biographical and performance information for this listing, please Email Sean.

Many thanks to Chris Somerville for not only making this space available on his website, but also for setting up the mechanics and look of the page.

Online Punch & Judy Performance Calendar 2011

LAST UPDATED August 4, 2012 (Please check back often)

Wednesday May 30 - Friday June 1: Sean Keohane's Polichinelle and the Big Surprise;; 10:30am, 4:30pm; Pinocchio's Marionette Theater, Suite 1389, the Altamonte Mall, 451 E. Altamonte Drive, Altamonte Springs, Florida; phone 407-834-8757. Tickets $5. WWW.PINOCCHIOS.NET

Saturday June 16: Jeff Cleve's "Steam Punk"-style Steam Punch and Judy; the "Pillage the Village" pirate fest; Mt. Holly, New Jersey.

Monday August 6: Peter Allen's Punch and Judy time at the Burnaby Village Museum in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada (near Vancouver, BC);roving shows from 2-4pm, Wednesday, August 8 from 1-3pm, Saturday, 8/11 from noon-2pm, Thursday, 8/16 from 11:30-1:30pm,

Monday August 6: Peter Allen's Punch and Judy time at the Burnaby Village Museum in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada (near Vancouver, BC);roving shows from 2-4pm, Wednesday, August 8 from 1-3pm, Saturday, 8/11 from noon-2pm, Thursday, 8/16 from 11:30-1:30pm, Saturday, 8/18 from noon-2pm. Come and see! Only two hours drive (and a border) from Seattle!

Wednesday August 8: Peter Allen's Punch and Judy time at the Burnaby Village Museum in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada (near Vancouver, BC);roving shows from 1-3pm.

Saturday August 11: Peter Allen's Punch and Judy time at the Burnaby Village Museum in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada (near Vancouver, BC);roving shows from noon-2pm.

Thursday August 16: Peter Allen's Punch and Judy time at the Burnaby Village Museum in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada (near Vancouver, BC);roving shows from 11:30am-1:30pm.

Saturday August 18: Peter Allen's Punch and Judy time at the Burnaby Village Museum in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada (near Vancouver, BC);roving shows from noon to 2pm.






THE PUPPETEERS OF AMERICA, an organization of puppeteers and those interested in the art. Founded in 1937, the PoA is made up of puppetry guilds from across the country. It organizes festivals and publishes the colorful Puppetry Journal magazine.

UNIMA-USA, the US Chapter of l'Union Internationale de la Marionnette, the world's oldest theatre organization dedicated to the art of puppetry, and publisher of the bi-annual journal PUPPETRY INTERNATIONAL, in whose Winter 2006 edition were several Punch & Judy-related scripts, including one translated by me!



ALBERTA: STEVE HANSEN – The Puppet Man – began performing Punch & Judy in San Francisco, California, in 1968. The show began as a politically satirical university project and soon became a profitable street show at Fisherman’s Wharf and other venues. In 1972 Steve converted the show to a one-man walking bag stage and began to travel. In ten years he saw most of the US and Canada; parts of Europe, Asia, and most of Australia and New Zealand; while performing in the street, in schools, at festivals, on TV, museums, in art centres, night clubs and a few prisons. In 1982 Steve was recruited to perform P&J in the UK pavilion at Walt Disney World’s EPCOT Centre. Steve soon became a show producer and director at Disney World, in addition to performing in the World Showcase. In 1991 Steve, his wife Judy Anderson-Hansen (also a puppeteer), and their son Charlie moved to Banff, Alberta, Canada, Judy’s ancestral home. Steve and Judy now own Peak Events, a corporate meeting and special event production company offering "a mountain-range of services" and based in Banff. Steve’s last Punch and Judy performance was in August of 2000 at the Puppeteers of America Millennium Festival in Seattle, Washington, but he says, “I still keep all my puppet gear. With business the way it is, I want to keep all options open!”

BRITISH COLUMBIA: LUMAN COAD of Vancouver tours with Harlequin's Cloak, a new glove production based on characters and scenarios from the 15th century Commedia dell'Arte. Pulcinella is not in the cast, but Pantalone and the Captain are.

BRITISH COLUMBIA: BERT STADDON, of a famous English P&J performing family, passed away in Vancouver a few short years ago.

CALGARY: OLD TROUT PUPPET WORKSHOP founding member Peter Balkwill is hoping to get a traditional Punch & Judy show up soon. Author and illustrator Judd Palmer, also a founder of the Workshop in Calgary, once toured the Canadian countryside with his own P&J show in a suitcase. Judd is the illustrator of Merchant of Blows-with-a-Stick and Other Plays by Louis Duranty, translated by Sean Keohane and available from Charlemagne Press through AMAZON.COM.

ONTARIO: THÉÂTRE DE L’ŒIL has brought Punch's French cousin to life as an enchanted marionette in Un Secret de Polichinelle, directed by Andre Laliberte at the National arts Centre.

ONTARIO: CHARLES SHEARD has just sold his UK built Punch fit-up and cast; now over 90, he began performing the show for fellow medical students in Toronto. Charles hates to part with the set even now, but he has been obliged to move to Huntington, New York, and was unable to persuade his grandchildren to take up the swazzle.

ONTARIO: BOB STUTT, puppeteer and juggler of Pembroke, has a one man show which he performs in a strolling booth. Bob has even been part of a Punch show on an episode of the childrens' television show The Big Comfy Couch, where he is a member of the recurring cast.

QUEBEC: L'OURSON DORÉ is a French Canadian glove puppet theatre under the direction of Claire Lafrenière and René Gélinas. Its repertoire of family shows includes vehicles for the popular Guignol.

QUEBEC: MATHIEU RENÉ OF CRÉATURISTE MARIONNETTES, MASQUES, ETCETERA, is a custom puppet and mask maker based in Montreal. The link will take you to his blog, whence one can seek out his gallery and store. Mathieu also teaches all his methods. No secrets! Working with most traditional media, he specializes in papier maché techniques (with and without molds), resulting in impressive structural and visual qualities. His dual criteria of strength and durability for a puppet (or mask) include the ability to withstand being thrown violently against a hardwood floor as well as the ability to withstand a two hour performance in the rain! He promises that all puppets he builds are comfortable and easy to maintain. He has made a Polichinelle and a Fr. Jerome for me, costuming by Odile Gauvin.

QUEBEC: In Montreal, there are at least 12 puppet companies, 5 of which might be considered "institutions." In Quebec City, there is Pupulus Mordicus, and in Upton, there is the Theatre de la Dame de Coeur, specialising in huge puppet shows, with appropriately huge puppets! Most of the companies tour regularly around the world, particularly to France, Japan, and the U.S.


MONTERREY: BAÚL TEATRO; Guignol is in the repertoire. A.C. Padre Jardón No. 968 Barrio Antiguo, Monterrey. Phone: 8343-1491.


RÍO PIEDRAS: DEBORAH HUNT mask maker and puppeteer, has organized several touring Punch Judy groups and is the founder of Teatro de Máscaras.


ARIZONA: THE TUCSON PUPPET WORKS includes Charles Swanson's traditional P&J, performed with live music and a swazzle: Ye Ol' Land Skippy Punch and Judy. Contacts for Tucson Puppet Works are Charles Swanson and Matt Cotton.

ARIZONA: THE GREAT ARIZONA PUPPET THEATRE in Phoenix sometimes does glove puppet shows, including CINDERELLA and PETER RABBIT. Director Nancy Smith has a Punch show "sitting around upstairs. Occasionally a puppet from it sneaks into another show."

CALIFORNIA: THE ROGUE ARTISTS ENSEMBLE has been awarded a 2006 Project Grant by the Jim Henson Foundation for its most elaborate production yet, a staged adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean's graphic novel, The Tragical Comedy or the Comical Tragedy of Mr Punch.

CALIFORNIA: PAUL ZALOOM of TV's Beakman's World says The Punch & Jimmy Show features hand puppets in the wild and ribald tradition of the 450 year old Punch and Judy show, updated to fit the new dynamic of our magnificent civilization. The incorrigible cad Punch, now gay and living with his boyfriend Jimmy and their adopted baby, Precious, deals with love, murder, and law enforcement, perhaps paying the consequences. Oh, by the way, in my show, Punch DOES throw the baby out the window… and kills the cop, the hangman, death, and the devil… but he DOES NOT kill or clobber Jimmy. Why? That's a long story...." Paul has recently opened a "filthy, very political version of the Turkish Karaghoz," and hopes to even work up a ventriloquist act in the near future.

CALIFORNIA: THE ICARUS PUPPET COMPANY, Mark Robertson and Rosemary Tyrell's group, performs Punch & Judy as part of their touring hand puppet show Stories from Around the World. They perform at libraries, street fairs, and renaissance festivals around the San Diego region, and will bring a new version of the famous tale to the playboard in 2005.

CALIFORNIA: TINKER TAYLOR PUPPETS, young sisters Emily and Carol Taylor of Long Beach, perform with a Punch set made by their father, Charles. Carol's account of how they got into the world of Punch was printed in the Fall 2004 issue of the Puppeteers of America's Puppetry Journal magazine.

CALIFORNIA: PICCOLO PUPPET PLAYERS stars a comical Punch who suggests a mutating potato! (That's meant as a compliment!) See longtime Punchman Brian Patterson and the whole gang in action at YOUTUBE.

CALIFORNIA: THE CONSERVATORY OF PUPPETRY ARTS collection in Pasadena contains hundreds of puppets, including Punch, acquired by Allan Gregory Cook.

CALIFORNIA: DR TECHNO'S TRAVELING TECHNOMANIA CIRCUS, with Punchman/clown Willy Bologna (Glenn Allen) and puppeteer Lila Luna (Bridget Rountree).

CALIFORNIA: Michael J. Moynihan reports the use of Mr Lunch, who beat the heck out of junk food puppets in a Lunch & Foodie puppet show. One of the villains/victims from Lunch & Foodie was poor Mr Twinkie, who, when whacked by Mr. Lunch's bat/spoon, shot white filling – actually shaving cream from a pressurized can inside the puppet– to the howling delight of young and old audience members.

CALIFORNIA: THE SAN FRANCISCO MIME TROUPE utilized a Punch the Red character.

CALIFORNIA: P&T PUPPET THEATRE has no Punch play in its repertoire at this time, but its director, Peter Brizzi, performs other street theatre style puppet shows around San Francisco. Peter is celebrating his 25th year in puppetry!

CALIFORNIA: BOB MASON, longtime Punch and Judy performer, passed away (in Dayton, Ohio) in February 1998 at 74. Born Robert Stenner, he is especially remembered for his Punch show. He did other puppet acts, including ventriloquism, as well as magic and mind reading and, in his early years, worked with the circus. Greater Los Angeles was home to his traveling pitch, and his ad libs entertained late night adult audiences as well as children at school shows.

CALIFORNIA: STEVE MARTIN, Hollywood's famed comedian, actor, and writer, used to perform a bizarre character called THE GREAT FLYDINI. Flydini produced objects, including a series of slowly appearing eggs, from the unzipped fly of his trousers, seemingly without the use of his hands. As performed on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, Flydini's act concluded with the unexpected appearance of a glove puppet Pavarotti, in a Pulcinella costume, singing an aria from Pagliacci. Pulcinella and Flydini each took a separate bow before the puppet withdrew once more into the recesses of Steve Martin's crotch. The brilliant routine has gotten some renewed attention on YouTube with the recent passing of opera great Luciano Pavarotti.

CALIFORNIA: Among San Francisco-area performers in the 1950s were Jan Ballan, the Chattering Magician - who performed Punch's Adventures in Turkey, and other hand puppeteers like Lettie Connell, Marian Derby, Ray & Betty Mount, Grace Wilder, and the famous Wolo. Bert Hansen of Oakland peformed Punch & Judy.

CALIFORNIA: GEORGE PRENTICE performed all over the country, and, in fact, the world, with his P&J show, but we will give him a Hollywood listing here because of his brilliantly paced work in the surreal short film SANTA CLAUS'S PUNCH JUDY of 1948.

CALIFORNIA: LEONIDAS KASSAPIDES performs Greek Karagiozis shadow shows; formerly, he worked with Chris Neely, now of North Carolina.

FLORIDA: JOHN HARTLEY of Winter Park, a sideshow strongman, circus banner artist, and swazzling Punchman, passed away at the age of 47 in 2002. I do not know what has happened to his striped fit-up or hand-carved, beautifully costumed figures, which were modeled on Piccini's set.

FLORIDA: BRENT DEWITT of Sarasota began his apprenticeship in the circus at the age of seven. Taught in the European tradition, he learned magic, puppetry, animal training and music as well as theatre. Brent plays the English seaside in summer, and goes up and down the East Coast of the U.S. with his fit-up the rest of the year. The Covent Garden backdrop in Brent's booth was painted by the late John Hartley.

ILLINOIS: BLAIR THOMAS of Chicago sometimes tours The Puppet Show of Don Cristobal, his vigorous and bawdy one-man-booth version of Federico García Lorca’s classic.

ILLINOIS: GINGER LOZAR'S very attractive hand puppets perform in a "strolling" booth. Her Punch show was part of the Puppeteers of America's P&J fest in Seattle several years ago, and she has also brought it to the Rosario area of Argentina.

ILLINOIS: JAY MARSHALL of Chicago, celebrated Punchman, ventriloquist, and magician, passed away in May 2005, in his 85th year. The long reigning Dean of Magic was well-known for his beloved character "Lefty,& quot; a rabbit made from a left hand glove, some buttons, and two bits of fabric for ears. Originally from England, Jay used to perform his P&J show up and down New York's Fifth Avenue.

ILLINOIS: GEORGE "PINXY" LARSEN of Chicago was active at the turn of the 20th century and puppets he carved in the 1940s can be seen in photos on our webpages.

INDIANA: ADZOOKS PUPPETS of Martinsville offers performances by David Wright and Robin Lee Holm of Mr Punch – the Babysitter.

KANSAS: THE PIED PIPER PUPPETS cast includes Bill Sollner's "blockhead" political figures like President Bush, Saddam Hussein, Donald Rumsfeld, Kim Jong Il -- and, of course, Punch.

KANSAS: RANDY "LAZARUS" MCATEE of Girard has puppet photos featured on our web pages.

LOUISIANA: HOBGOBLIN HILL PUPPETS' Rick Rowan has at least temporarily had to leave off Punch due to scheduling concerns, but Professor Alice Wallace continues the tradition with her beautiful handcarved puppets and apprentice puppeteer Marcus Quebedeaux.

MAINE: THE ACADIA REPERTORY THEATRE of Mt. Desert Island will begin offering Punch & Judy shows in 2007 under incoming artistic director Cheryl Willis, who is usually based in Minnesota.

MARYLAND: PROFESSOR HORN'S is the oldest continuously performed Punch & Judy show in the US. The Baltimore tradition, begun in 1897, has been carried on by three swazzlers in succession, including the late George Horn. The current Prof. Horn, Mark Walker, is now teaching his own son the act. WWW.HORNSPUNCH.COM

MARYLAND: JOHNNY ECK (Eckhardt), best remembered for his role in the classic Tod Browning film Freaks, performed Punch & Judy for children in his native Baltimore. Mr Eck, who lived with his twin brother Robert, was born without fully formed lower extremities. In clothing, his body appeared to end before the waist. He not only performed with his puppets on his hands, but was obligated to walk on his hands as well. Johnny's lower half was presumably vestigial, while his otherwise identical twin's limbs had developed it the usual way, something they used to disturbing effect in magic acts.

MASSACHUSETTS: CHARLES MCCARTY (PROF. MACK), early 20th century Irish Punchman, based in Boston, who set his pitch throughout the northern East Coast.

MASSACHUSETTS: PAUL VINCENT DAVIS, artist-in-residence of Brookline's PUPPET SHOWPLACE THEATRE in Boston, performed a P&J show in which he wore a bobble-headed judge puppet on his head, so that it could lord it over Punch from above the booth's tilt while the Policeman (Sherlock Holmes!) gave evidence against Mr Punch. Paul is a Master Puppeteer; his charming glove puppet repertoire includes a poignant Beauty and the Beast.

MASSACHUSETTS: PROFESSOR WILL STACKMAN of Boston was a historian for the US Pitch of the Worldwide Friends of Punch Judy. Will performed the show and lectured on it for years, and was a frequent contributor to the PunchandJudy.com mesage boards. Sadly, Prof. Wil passed away unexpectedly in June of 2007.

MASSACHUSETTS: JEFF DANGER is the professional name of magician/P&J puppeteer Jeff Danglo. Jeff's webiste is dedicated to his school offering, Jeff Danger, Science Ranger.

MASSACHUSETTS: JOE HOWARD of Stoughton not only performs the show, he used to make puppets to the trade under the name Joe Petto.

MICHIGAN: CHRIS CLARK, also a magician, presents a non-violent P&J in West Bloomfield.

MICHIGAN: DREAMLAND THEATER of Ypsilanti has shown Naia Venturi's Tragical Comedy or Comical Tragedy of Punch and Judy, a modern marionette adaptation intended for mature audiences, featuring puppet versions of members of the Bush administration.

MICHIGAN: JOHN OSBORNE, known in his Traveling Medicine Show as Doc Robin Steele, is author of How To Build a Dummy, available through the Puppeteers of America bookstore. One of John's early Punch mentors (circa 1970) was Harold Ramm, whose puppets are in the Detroit Institute of Arts. Though he lives in Michigan, John has performed at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto five times, at the Klondike Days fest in Edmonton six times, at the Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver twice, as well as at the Western Exhibition in (Canada's) London. The hyperlink will take you to the Windsor Magic Circle; click on its Members link to find John under Associates & Past Members.

MICHIGAN: JOHN HAY works at the Gone Wired Cafe in Lansing, between Michigan State University and the Michigan Capitol building. He attempts a P&J show with a timely theme each month. Dave Hay provides live music. A puppeteer since 1983, though starting with marionettes), John was inspired to give the gloves a go after seeing a Steve Hansen street performance. Finding P&J to be spontaneous and funny, he abandoned string marionettes and formed a Punch & Judy performing trio in 1995, venturing out on his own 4 years later. "The reason I do P & J is it strikes a balance in my professional life," he says. "I am also a luthier and a woodcarver. Those are both somewhat non-social activities and the luthier work is all about precision craftsmanship. Puppetry is about improvisation and I find it a terrific way to socialize with old and new friends. And occasionally I get reminded from the little audience members what it's all about. You know... when the crocodile is hiding under Mr. Punch's pillow and he asks them if he should take a nap... ( he's soooo tired!)... and the kids are all yelling, "NO.....YESSSS..!" Anyway, these kids will only be that age once so I am glad that they can experience such fun."

MINNESOTA: PROF. FRESHWATER has relocated; see Wisconsin.

MINNESOTA: ANDREW KIM has relocated; see United Kingdom.

MINNESOTA: MICHAEL SOMMERS' OPEN EYE THEATRE of Minneapolis does a "driveway tour" of booth puppet shows, like the charming Katie Tomatie, in a modern, suburban version of traditional street performance. Several puppeteers and musicians are used.

MINNESOTA: CHERYL WILLIS & HER GUY FAWKES 5TH OF NOVEMBER PUPPETEERS, have dropped Punch into classic British mystery settings for Minneapolis Fringe Festival shows. Cheryl toured Europe performing booth style puppets with The Dragon's Mouth Puppet Theatre teaching puppet art, historical tales, and fables. Working as an actor for some time with theatre companies such as The History Theatre, Children's Theatre, The Jungle, and Jeune Lune, Cheryl recently decided to combine her puppetry and acting goals.

MINNESOTA: JERRY JUHL, influential Muppet playwright who passed away in 2005, performed P&J in Minneapolis before meeting up with Frank Oz and then Jim Henson in California. In Minnesota, Jerry had been friends with glove puppeteer Luman Coad, now of Canada. Jerry led several small writing intensives to develop new works and voices specifically for puppet theatre.

MISSOURI: KINCAID KARACTER PUPPETS of St. Louis is run by Doug Kincaid and his brother, whose offerings include Mr Punch Takes a Holiday.

NEW JERSEY: PRESTON FOERDER has relocated to New York.

NEW JERSEY: NEW JERSEY RENAISSANCE KINGDOM has featured Norman Hill's P&J show since its inception in 1989. (There was no renaissance faire on its grounds in 2006.) Through the Kingdom Puppeteers, Norman and Sandra Spano have written and adapted scripts for P&J as well as The Six Sillies. Puppeteers for 2005 included Rachel Kingman, Helen Horn-Mitchem, Ada Smith, and Kalinda Solomon.

NEW MEXICO: MIKE MCCORMICK'S MATCH BOX CIRCUS, presents the Punch & Judy Experience by the Albuquerque sculptor and his son Sean. Both are currently living in Ireland where they have a fit-up in the National Wax Museum in Dublin's Parnell Square, but Mike says he will return to the US soon. Prof. McCormick helped design the puppets in Jim Henson's films Labyrinth and Dark Crystal.

NEW YORK: DRAMA OF WORKS THEATRE, founded by Brooklyn's Gretchen Van Lente, created the Punk inspired Sid & Nancy/Punch & Judy Show. She is also the creator and curator of the PUNCH Puppet Slam held the last Monday of every month at Galapagos Art Space. Drama of Works has been awarded a 2006 grant from the Jim Henson Foundation for a developing show about the artist Andy Warhol.

NEW YORK: PRESTON FOERDER of Brooklyn may not be performing Punch Judy much now, but he used to present a traditional show at Harvard Square in Boston and in New York's South Street Seaport, inside a lightweight stage suitable for walk-arounds. He asserts one can still make a living with street Punch.

NEW YORK: PROFESSOR FRED GREENSPAN of Ossining has several shows (all nonviolent) and two performing sets of puppets, including wooden figures carved after the cast of an antique German show and painted and costumed by his wife Sondra. The Greenspans have also created a commercial P&J FINGER-PUPPET BOOK.

NEW YORK: THE GREEK CULTURAL CENTER'S SHADOW PUPPET THEATRE COMPANY has, since 1996, given presentations of two new Karaghiozis plays annually. An exhibition of puppets, made by different famous puppeteers, accompany some of the performances. Today, only a handful of Greek Shadow Theatre Master Puppeteers exist, but the Greek Cultural Center is fortunate to have among its founding members one of these artists, Master Puppeteer Aris Diakovasilis. The Center’s Shadow Theater Company performs throughout the Metropolitan area, including at such notable cultural and educational institutions as the Queens Museum of Art, Binghamton University, Columbia University, and the American Museum of Natural History. Information forwarded by Nancy Staub.

NEW YORK: THE BATTLE OF PLATTSBURGH COMMEMORATION presents Professor Tim Palkovic and his walkaround booth show, a recreated nineteenth century snake oil pitch, in early September each year. Tim's wife Laura acts as bottler and interloculator for the puppets. The show includes a special guest appearance by the Lake Champlain Monster, a legendary local sea serpent which bears an uncanny resemblance to our Crocodile!

NEW YORK: TEATRO SEA @ LOS KABAYITOS PUPPETS & CHILDREN'S THEATRE, New York's only Latino children's theatre tours The Billy-Club Puppets starring García Lorca's Andalusian Punch, Cristobal, who takes an unwilling bride.

NEW YORK: THE CZECHOSLOVAK-AMERICAN MARIONTTE THEATRE has Johannes Dokchtor Faust in its repertoire. The petrifying puppet comedy was refashioned from the Old Bohemian by Vit Horejš, an émigré from Prague, who founded the Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theatre in 1990, utilizing 100 year old puppets Vit found in a closet in Manhattan's Jan Hus Presbyterian Church. The show features Pimperle (Pimp-ur-lay), the stock Comic Servant who is the sly Fool in constant need of laughter and instant gratification. He is in fact a variation of Kasparek, or Kasper, one of Punch's many European cousins. It's very interesting to see him parody the serious scenes of black magic and devilish torments with his own traditional bits of comic business. The marionette theatre is itself the recipient of a 2006 grant from the Jim Henson Foundation for its new show It Takes a Village.

NEW YORK: "CONEY ISLAND TODD" ROBBINS will be working up a P&J show with figures carved by Foy E. Brown, who made many puppets for American sideshow professors; Todd also has one of "Pinxy" Larsen's antique sets. Todd's forthcoming routine will feature an old-fashioned "swazzle pitch" to sell Punch whistles, as was once traditional at Coney Island.

NEW YORK: MASQUE THEATRE, of Troy, features marionettes, not glove puppets, with its Castle Bridge Players. But Punchman John Koethen worked with the group for the September Masquefest A Renassiance along the River.

NEW YORK: JONATHAN WIND performed for 10 years, including shows at the medieval Cloisters art museum in New York City. He may no longer be active, but Glenn Paulsen, whose PAULSEN'S PUPPETS booked the gigs, is still in the trade. Glenn's larger than usual Punch cast is made up of rod puppets with levers to control mouth and eyes; the puppet's right arm is actually an empty sleeve filled by the puppeteer's right arm, necessitating a two man performance.

NEW YORK: THE PUNCHBOWL SISTERS are Dr. Sharon Peck of Geneseo and sibling Debbie Peck Kelleher, in her other life the NY State Senate Committee Director for Alcoholism and Substance Abuse. They have performed in New York, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.

NEW YORK: BUD WERTHEIM of Livingston Manor is a Punchman, sculptor, and caster of medals.

NEW YORK: CRABGRASS PUPPETS present Mr Punch's Christmas Carol. Founders Bonny Hall and Jamie Keithline have also created productions of Anansi, Spiderman of Africa!, The Bremen Town Musicians, and Jabberwocky. Jamie and Bonny are graduates of the University of Connecticut's esteemed programs in puppetry and theatre, and have been working together since 1980 to produce high-quality children's and family entertainment. Their theatre company is currently based out of Wappinger's Falls.

NEW YORK: BIL AND CORA BAIRD ran a famous theatre in New York City and performed in television and film. An important figure in the history of American puppetry, Bil wrote Art of the Puppet, featuring a Punch script, a Polichinelle script, and a cover portrait of Bil's own Punch, based on Piccini's.

NEW YORK: AL FLOSSO (born Al Levinson, 1895-1976) was the Punch man and magician at Coney Island's Dreamland Theatre and became the owner of New York City's legendary Flosso-Hornmann Magic Shop (which had been Martinka's and had belonged for a time to Harry Houdini). The magic shop was a frequent "drop-in" spot for magicians and ventriloquists like Edgar Bergen, who sometimes brought Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd in for repairs. In 1915, Prof. Flosso's shill and bottler was the young Bud Abbott. In 1931, Al performed a Punch, Judy, Harpo show in the Marx Brothers classic Monkey Business... but the film is edited to make it seem that Al's puppets work themselves!

NEW YORK: FRANK DUCROT (born T. Francis Fritz, 1872-1939), once ran the New York Magic Shop in Brooklyn as well as the Martinka-Hornmann Magic Company. Ducrot had spent many years touring the United States as a Chautauqua performer. In addition to Punch & Judy, his performance featured hand shadows, chalk talk, and chapeaugraphy (the art of making many different hats with one small circle of felt). He is known in magic circles for inventing the classic trick called the Twentieth Century Handkerchief. Like many performers, he had cut his teeth at Coney Island. Al Flosso Coney Island days purchased "the world's oldest magic shop" from Ducrot's estate.

NEW YORK: MELISSA ARLETH performs her crazy sock puppet theatre in the guise of J. de Ragseller at statewide Medieval fests.

NEW YORK: CHARLES LUDLAM, inspired by an Al Flosso performance seen at the fair in Mineola, Long Island, started his own P show as a child. Years later, Professor Bedlam's Educational Punch & Judy Show won Charles' Ridiculous Theatrical Company a special citation from the Village Voice's 1974-5 Obie Awards. After Charles Ludlam's death, his puppets moved to the Ballard Institute in Storrs, Connecticut.

NEW YORK: ADAM GERTSACOV'S flea circus was on break while he performed Punch for President, with cameos by Richard Nixon and Millard Fillmore.

NEW YORK: JACOB GRAHAM of Manhattan was a longtime puppeteer at Orlando's Disney World and is a founding musician and singer of the bands Goat Explosion and Flashlight Party. He tours with Sean Keohane and French Polichinelle boot shows.

NEW YORK: SEAN KEOHANE of Spuyten Duyvil (the Spitting Devil) in the Bronx has a lovely, large set of nearly 30 year old figures made by Ray Moore for the Trotter Brothers, originally intended for appearances in US theme parks. Sean received the puppets from Joy Wade, who performed with them, a few years ago, but uses them only for cameos in his own puppet productions. (Chris Somerville, who supplied the Trotter Brothers information, has a nearly identical set displayed as part of the Rhyl Exhibit featured in the Festival photo section at this website.) Sean has a more manageable cast carved and dressed by Chris Van der Craats of Australia as well as a growing set of Czech hand puppets for antique Polichinelle shows translated from the French, made by Petr and Katia Rezac of Prague. A former show director with the Disney theme parks, Sean wrote and directed the adult puppet play, The Torture Chamber of Dr Bear, seen at the Puppeteers of America's Tampa Festival in 2001 and performed Polichinelle, Merchant of Blows-with-a-Stick, with Jacob Graham at the PoA's 2006 East Coast Regional Festival in Asheville, North Carolina; Gretchen Van Lente's PUNCH puppet slam at Galapagos Art Space in Brooklyn; and the Orlando Puppet Festival at Mad Cow Theatre in November. He has been awarded a 2006 Seed Grant from the Jim Henson Foundation to produce a series of shows starring The Terrible Polichinelle. He has been assisted by both Elizabeth Lorenzen and Eva DeAngelis. Sean is proud to maintain this Punch performance calendar and database. Why not send him your own information?

NEW YORK: In addition to his own partner HARRY FOYE and Coney Island's Al Flosso, Prof. Charles Mack of Massachusetts left us the names of other contemporary (1920s) Punchmen: "LARRY CORBETT of Brooklyn; HUDSON & HUDSON; 'BILLY' LYNCH, JOSEPH YARRICK, the magician, who introduced the Magic Kettle on the big time; AL ELLIS, OSCAR B. STEELE, PUNCH IRVING, ‘DOC’ BARRY, B.F. ROSE, BILLY CRAWFORD, SIG SAUTELLE, and as I have been doing Punch for twenty-five years, perhaps I (Mack) can qualify as an oldtimer."

NEW YORK: GUS WHITE'S PUPPETS, about midway down the page at the link site, have been beautifully preserved by fellow New Yorkers Mel and Eunice Birnkrant. Clarence Augustus “Gus” White (February 6, 1859-March 2, 1934) had perhaps the finest American Punch Judy puppet show of the nineteenth century. He performed for 50 years at carnivals, fairs, and dime museums throughout Cleveland, Boston, and Canada, and had a 23 month run at the Eighth Avenue House in New York City. He was also on the B.F. Keith vaudeville circuit. Originally a sign painter, which skill he employed in crafting his own show, properties, posters, and ticket booth, Gus White was active from his late teenage years through 1931, according to Edwin Conner's book Goshen, a local history of the Punchman's hometown. Mr Conner also states that Gus did shows at the Midway amusement park near Middletown, New York. (Special thanks to Bradford Clark for directing me to Edwin Conner's book and to the American Punch and Judy historian Mark Walker for additional biographical information.)

NORTH CAROLINA: FRANK BYRNE of Fayetteville, though in his 70s, put over 145,000 miles on his vehicle touring with Punch and Frank's glove puppet Monkey Shines Theatre in 2004. Recovering from a stroke, Frank returned to performing P in November, 2006.

NORTH CAROLINA: HISTORIC TRYON PALACE presents Bill Hand, working as Atticus Jones, and his specially adapted Punch & Judy show. On occasion, the museum staff performs without Bill, but, in any case, the show utilizes two puppeteers and a bottler.

NORTH CAROLINA: KARIN EBERLE of Eberle Puppets is a board member of the Asheville Puppetry Alliance, as well as a historian of European puppetry.

NORTH CAROLINA: STAGEWORKS YOUTH THEATRE, of Wilmington, involves young people in all aspects of perfomance. Christy Anne Neely, who used to perform with Leon Kassapides' Karagiozis shadow theatre, is now teaching Punch & Judy to budding young profs, under the artistic direction of Gina Gambony. The young professors debuting for the Christmas season in 2006 are, as Punch: Julie Smith; as Judy: Aubrey Emery; as the Baby, Crocodile, & Joey: Diane Tarantino. Break a slaspstick! We're pleased as Punch!

OHIO: THE FRISCH MARIONETTE COMPANY of talented brothers Kevin and Steven Frisch, displays very nice work on its website, including both stringed and hand puppet versions of Punch & Judy. (The latter are reminiscent of Bil Baird's figures).

OHIO: NANCY SANDER has been presenting her Olde Tyme Punch and Judy Show for 20 years now; she claims Old Red Nose is a 900 year old tradition.

OHIO: JIM ROSE, son of Rufus and Margo Rose, first performed with marionettes in 1943 in the Rose production of Rip Van Winkle. He has performed with his own hand puppets since 1947, when he saw Burr Tillstrom's Puppeteers of America Festival performance St George and the Dragon with Kukla and Ollie. Jim worked with his parents and Martin and Olga Stevens on several film and TV productions, including the WGN-TV Peabody Award-winning Blue Fairy and the Stevens-Rose film The Toymaker. At the Yale School of Drama, where he received his Master of Fine Arts degree in 1963, he created puppets for a production of A Midsummer Night's Dream and for adaptations of two of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. Jim taught, for two years, in the Theatre Department at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and for 19 years at Antioch College. He has also led numerous workshops at Puppeteers of America Festivals and has taught in the Rose Marionette Workshop at the National Puppetry Conference, held at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Foundation, in Waterford, Connecticut. Since 1982 Jim has presented his traditional marionettes and Punch & Judy puppets in annual 18th century fairs at New Boston, near Springfield, Ohio, in Chatham, Ontario, in McHenry County, Illinois, and at George Washington's Mount Vernon in Virginia, with wife Judy Rose in the role of bottler.

OKLAHOMA: MICHA ESTLACK, puppeteer and author of the children's book Darius the Lonely Gargoyle, lives in the town of Norman.

PENNSYLVANIA: TUCKERS' TALES Puppet Theater of Philadelphia is directed by Tom and Marianne Tucker. Marianne serves as bottler as well as a second puppeteer, with Tom performing Punch. They sculpted and costumed their attractive puppets themselves.

PENNSYLVANIA: THE MOCK TURTLE MARIONETTE THEATRE of Bethlehem tours Punchinello Steps Out, a marionette and shadow puppet piece taking us through the history of puppetry with Punch and his puppetmaker.

PENNSYLVANIA: MARK LEVENSON was the featured Punch performer at the Puppeteers of America festival in Philadelphia in 1992, celebrating 250 years of Punch in America.

PENNSYLVANIA: RALPH ELIAS (ELI) HACKMAN was a Punchman in the late 19th century and throughout the first half of the 20th, dying at the age of 90 in 1962. Born in Carlisle on June 27, 1872, he moved to Philadelphia around 1895. He worked for 44 years at the Reading Railroad Company in Philadelphia. By the age of 67 he had already spent over two-thirds of his life performing Punch & Judy in Pennsylvania. (Thanks to Punch and Magic historian Mark Walker for this biographical information.)

RHODE ISLAND: WE'RE HOLDEN PUPPETS is operated by Charles Holden and Laura Opshinsky; they tour the Pittsburgh area with, among other acts, a "semi-traditional" Punch & Judy Show.

RHODE ISLAND: ADAM GERTSACOV has relocated to New York.

TENNESSEE: JOE BOLEY, magician and ventriloquist, claims to be "one of the very few puppetmasters still performing Punch and Judy in the US today." Evidently he hasn't seen this database.

TEXAS: "UNCLE" PHILIP FORD of Lubbock has a very comical looking set of figures and many scripts in his repertoire.

TEXAS: MARK FRIERSON, Houston's Professor-X, hasn't begun performing... yet. He is currently gearing up to make a high quality set of P&J puppets for sale - ALL traditional and historical characters as well as some new ones.

TEXAS: JOY WADE formerly performed at Six Flags over Texas with large Trotter Brothers Punch figures.

UTAH: THE CEDAR CITY SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL has often featured a customized Punch & Judy as part of its Greenshow before mainstage productions. The seasons run from June through early September and then late September to the end of October. 351 West Center Street, Cedar City, Utah. Phone: 435-586-7880. For tickets, call toll free 800-752-9849 or, locally, 435-586-7878.

VIRGINIA: TERRY SNYDER performed Punch and Judy, with a special guest dragon called Fluffy, for several years at Richmond's King's Dominion Amusement Park. Linda Snyder was her husband's bottler, interacting with the puppet cast in show.

WASHINGTON STATE: YE MERRIE GREENWOOD PLAYERS of Richland's Renaissance Faire interpret Punch & Judy through Elly Leaverton, using a wooden cast carved "in a community effort" by several Ren Faire compatriots.

WASHINGTON STATE: CLAY MARTIN of Seattle has been performing classical puppet theatre and one man epics, including P, for 10 years, with puppets featuring a distinctly Northwest Native American "look" carved by Shelley Pasco. Click on the Artists link at the Leapfrog Entertainment Agency website, then its link for puppets. (Leapfrog represents many ventriloquists as well as glove puppeteers and at least one marionette company.)

WASHINGTON STATE: ROB D'ARC of Seattle is planning to re-enter the P&J performing world in the near future, but he currently tours with Professor Humbug's Victorian Flea Circus and is part of the team that created Pop-Up Puppets. Rob's Punch characters exhibit "asymmetrical" features, so that the puppets' expressions change depending on which profile they present to the audience.

WASHINGTON STATE: THE CARTER FAMILY NORTHWEST PUPPET CENTER of Seattle has had a long relationship with Mr Punch. Stephen Carter created a Punch and Judy show while in London in 1973 and '74, and in Romania between 1983 and '85 made Vasalache and Mariuca. Punch has made appearances in marionette operas at the Center, playing the role of Gubbins in The Dragon of Wantley, an English burlesque opera from 1737. Harlequin also had a part in the production, as both a marionette and a masked actor on a hobby horse, battling with a large dragon swinging from the rafters. Punch returned last May in the role of Mr Doodle in Henry Fielding's Life and Death of Tom Thumb, originally performed in London and Dublin through much of the 18th Century, including by the famous female Punch marionettist, Fielding's friend Charlotte Charke. Punch even appeared briefly as a hand-puppet in that show to grab "swasages" bursting from the gut of Glumdalca the Giantess after she was shot by a cannon! In a water puppet/marionette spectacle, Pulcinella accompanied Marco Polo from Venice to the court of Kublai Khan and then to Persia, encountering pirates, dragons, Neptune, and mermaids. The show opened with Pulcinella as a gondolier who had having a run-in with a duck; of course Pulcinella wound up all wet. The production was a collaboration between the Carters and Yang Feng. Pulcinella returned in The Sneeze of Hercules, an Italian marionette opera from the Venetian Carnival of 1746. Pulcinella also appeared as a burattino in a Cenerentola based upon a 19th century script. Arlecchino, Pantalone, il Dottore and others appeared as rod marionettes in Love for 3 Oranges. Polichinelle was in the French marionette operas La Grandmere Amoureuse. This helpful information supplied by Dmitri Carter.

WISCONSIN: PROF. FRESHWATER is Diane Rains, who works with husband Stu Janis, her bottler and musician. Sadly, their "Toby" dog Koiratähti passed away August 14, 2007, after battling neurological problems for several years. Any performance the tiny Papillon was able to give was a miniature triumph... "and adorable, too," Diane added. Our thoughts go out to Stu and Diane; little Koira was a trouper beloved by all the children who ever saw her nip at Mr Punch's nose. Membership Officer Diane and Glyn Edwards of the UK manage THE WORLDWIDE FRIENDS OF PUNCH AND JUDY, which publishes an informative journal available by subscription only.




ADELAIDE & SYDNEY: KEITH PRESTON'S HISTORIC PUNCH & JUDY comes in a traditional solo version, a more adult solo version, and a Dickensian fairground show using two puppeteers and a musician. Keith travels the globe... even the US, on occasion.

MELBOURNE: CHRIS VAN DER CRAATS has recreated Piccini's puppets, using the Cruikshank drawings as a guide, and freely offers advice on how to carve wooden heads. He has also put a lot of effort into cataloguing the basics for a traditional show. His series of short video vignettes makes education fun; the "kiss with Judy" is masterfully timed.


CZECH REPUBLIC: PETR AND KATIA REZAC of Prague carve and dress beautiful string marionettes as well as hand puppets used in Parisian Guignol Theatres.

FRANCE: PHILIPPE CASIDANUS performs Polichinelle at his indoor theatre in the Parc de Georges-Brassens, the last Polichinelle theatre in Paris.

FRANCE: Estelle Charlier, in black beret and whiteface, joins hand puppeteer Romuald Collinet to form the touring Polichinelle company La Pendue .

FRANCE: PASCAL PRUVOST has carved a Polichinelle, but his regular repertoire is Guignol; high production values reign at his historic and renowned Théâtre Guignol Anatole at the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont in Paris, which turns 170 this year! An outdoor space, with a different show each week. (Closed from October 15 to mid-April 2006.) Shows from April 16 - April 30: Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays and school holidays at 4pm. May & June: Wednesdays and Sundays at 4.45pm, Saturdays at 4.30. Admission: 3 euros per person. Telephone: 01-40-30-97-60, (metro: Laumière) Parc des Buttes Chaumont, Paris, 19th arrondisement; the entrance to the park is in front of the City Hall. Watch a short DOCUMENTARY about the theatre, with shots of Pascal and his puppets in action.

FRANCE: FABIENNE NENEZ, last known address Paris. Follow the hyperlink to The Terrible Polichinelle (in the lower half of the page). Telephone : 01-45-99-31-13; 2 Avenue Alsace Lorraine 94450, Limeil-Brévannes.

FRANCE: SERGE DOTTI and his Polichinelle cast; 20 rue de la Condamine, 06300 NICE. Telephone: 04-93-85-73-39.

FRANCE: CHAMP DE MARS, Paris, phone: 01-48-56-01-44, (métro: École Militaire) hosts Guignol on most Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons.

FRANCE: JARDIN D'ACCLIMATATION in the Bois de Boulogne, Paris, phone: 01-45-01-53-52, (métro Sablons) has a weatherproof space; performances are held on most Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons.

FRANCE: JARDIN DU LUXEMBOURG, Paris, phone: 01-43-26-46-47, (métro: Vavin) has a weatherproof space; performances are held on most Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons.

FRANCE: JARDINS DU RANELAGH, Paris, phone: 01-45-83-51-75, (métro: La Muette) hosts Guignol on most Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons.

IRELAND: PROFESSOR MCCORMICK'S MATCH BOX CIRCUS performs 4 shows daily in the National Wax Museum in Parnell Square, Dublin.

IRELAND: CONOR LAMBERT AT THE LAMBERT PUPPET THEATRE was the Punch & Judy performer in the famous film My Left Foot.

ITALY: BRUNO LEONE masterfully performs classic Pulcinella plays.

ITALY: SALVATORE GATTO is another master with his pivetta and Pulcinella.

ITALY: PAOLO VALENTI, master puppeteer, sometimes teaches at the ACCADEMIA DELL'ARTE in Arezzo.

NETHERLANDS: MISHA KLUFT AT DAM SQUARE in Amsterdam performs a Jan Klaassen and Katrijn booth show through the summer and part of the fall, weather permitting. In the winter, the show moves indoors, so try to find out if it is being offered, and where, before you take the trip. (To get to the web page, click on the link here, then take the link for Special Interest Groups to the one for Families with Children. That will take you to the necessary puppet theatre information.) The puppet theatre Pantijn has outdoor booth performances from May to the end of October, each Wednesday afternoon from 1 - 5pm. During poor weather, the show is performed in a puppet theatre in Sint Pieterpoortsteeg ar 2pm, 3:30, and 4:30. During the winter performances are held in the theatre on Sundays only, at 2 and 3:30. The Puppet Theatre Pantijn, Sint Pieterpoortsteeg 33, Amsterdam, can be reached by telephone at 31 (0) 20 627 91 88.

SWEDEN: JONNA GRIMSTOFT of Bjartra is an accomplished artist and Kasper puppetmaker.

UNITED KINGDOM: JAMES ARNOTT, still a very young professor, maintains the United Kingdom's Punch & Judy online performance calendar.

UNITED KINGDOM: BRYAN CLARKE (Prof. Jingles) of Sussex is one of the most popular carver of Punch figures today, as well as a premiere performer. Bryan's figures were used for official Royal Mail Punch and Judy stamps.

UNITED KINGDOM: BRIAN AND ALISON DAVEY OF THE PUPPETREE COMPANY not only can be booked to perform P, they also make Punch sets in a variety of styles and sell props, booths, and other types of portable puppet theatres.

UNITED KINGDOM: TONY CLARKE (Prof. Robanti) is Bryan's peripatetic son, taking his fit-up on international tours.

UNITED KINGDOM: GLYN EDWARDS of Worcestershire is a Punch and Judy activist, a devotee of "Old Rednose's" history, an excellent performer, and a teacher of the show and the swazzle. Along with Membership Officer Diane Raines of the US, Glyn manages THE WORLDWIDE FRIENDS OF PUNCH AND JUDY, publishing an informative journal available by subscription only.

UNITED KINGDOM: MARY EDWARDS of Worcestershire is a well-known maker of Punch figures, though now she constructs puppets only for husband Glyn. She also performs alongside him, working a Punch marionette. (Mary's uncle, John Wright, founded the Little Angel Marionette Theatre in London.)

UNITED KINGDOM: GEOFF FELIX is an excellent maker of figures and a premiere performer as well as a Punch historian.

UNITED KINGDOM: KONRAD FREDERICKS is a longtime Covent Garden Punchman who tours abroad as well.

UNITED KINGDOM: ANDREW KIM has left the US for West Yorkshire, founding the Thingumajig puppet company with Kathy Bradley. In his Vertigo of Sheep piece, a hand puppet alter ego wrestles with a hand puppet Jesus, adding a more overt spiritual dimension to the Punch Judy-style puppetry. Andrew counts Washington's Clay Martin as an influence and mentor.

UNITED KINGDOM: CHRIS SOMERVILLE (Mr Bimbamboozle) runs the HARLEQUIN MARIONETTE THEATRE in Wales, as well as www.punchandjudy.com. Chris has been performing with puppets onstage, in cabaret, on cruise ships, and on television for over half a century.

UNITED KINGDOM: JOHN STYLES still performs his Punch show from time to time at Smollensky's on the Strand in London (Punch shows there are at 2:30pm Saturdays). However, it is perhaps easier to catch one of the many performances he has given over the years for film and television, from The Avengers to Time Bandits to Midsomer Murders. Mr Styles was recently awarded the MBE by the British government and the Queen.

UNITED KINGDOM: ROBERT STYLES, the son of John Styles, grew up with Punch in his life and continues the tradition on his own in his hands-over-head booth.

UNITED KINGDOM: DAVID WILDE is a magician, Punch professor, and famous collector of Pelham and Punch & Judy puppets as well as ventriloquial figures.

UNITED KINGDOM: PETER, MIRAIKER & MARTIN BATTEY are a family of Punch performers. Miraiker also carves very attractive Punch & Judy figures for a widening clientiele.

Miscellaneous Links for Punch & Puppetry

Heather Henson and Marcian DeLellis host a site where edgier adult puppet performances can find an audience and a venue -- and vice versa -- WWW.PUPPETSLAM.COM, which features an events calendar.

SANTA CLAUS'S PUNCH JUDY, notorious 1948 film featuring the frantic madness of American George Prentice.

US dealer for charming KASPER puppets, made by the German company Kersa.

Realism is a goal at WWW.ANIMALMAKERS.COM.

Steve Axtell's justly famous and realistic animal puppets at: WWW.AXTELL.COM.

Guignol Théâtre Anatole: Pascal Pruvost & les PETITS BOUFFONS, parc des Buttes-Chaumont, Paris, France.

Click on the NADAFARM LINK to get to the PUNCH PAGE, which hosts galleries and booklists.

New York's STANLEY ALLAN SHERMAN specializes in designing, creating and crafting custom leather theatre masks, including low cost budget neoprene latex Commedia dell'Arte masks. Stanley Allan Sherman and Hovey Burgess teach Commedia dell'Arte performance with THE ROVING CLASSICAL COMMEDIA UNIVERSITY*, (*Totally Unaccredited) out of New York.

PUPPETWEB hosts videos of classic puppet performances, including Kukla, Fran, and Ollie, and Jay Marshall and Lefty.

THE PUPPETEERS OF AMERICA unites professionals, historians, and enthusiasts across the country, holding workshops and festivals, hosting a video library, running the famous Puppetry Store, and publishing the Puppetry Journal.

UNIMA-USA, the US Chapter of l'Union Internationale de la Marionnette, the world's oldest theatre organization dedicated to the art of puppetry, and publisher of the bi-annual journal PUPPETRY INTERNATIONAL, in whose Winter 2006 edition were several Punch & Judy-related scripts, including one translated by me!

Puppeteer John Kennedy, author of PUPPET MANIA, shows how easily children -- and adults! -- can make simple but unique puppets with his inventive PUPPETKIT.

Lisa Sturz presents family shows through RED HERRING PUPPETS of Asheville, North Carolina.

David Eaton and Pady Blackwood are the founders of PINOCCHIO'S MARIONETTE THEATRE most recently housed at the Altamonte Springs Mall in Central Florida. The theatre closed in early 2oo8, but is hopefully only on a temporary hiatus.

Founded by Tracey Garver Conner, MICHELEE PUPPETS teaches and entertains Florida’s youth about social and health issues with the help of several puppeteers, including Rebekah Lane and Denise Beiley.

STEVE ABRAMS PUPPETS tour the trickster tale Raven's Feast out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Heather Henson curates the HANDMADE PUPPET DREAMS series, which tours both film and puppet festivals and includes P&J-related media.

Jim Napolitano and Tim LaGasse present their wacky Wayang Zerox puppetry at THE RAG SHOW comic online newspaper.

HOBEY FORD'S PUPPETS are foam rod puppets centered in Weaverville, North Carolina.

There are charming rod puppet performances for families from PAUL MESNER'S PUPPETS, touring the country from a home base in Kansas City, Missouri.

WAKKA WAKKA PRODUCTIONS of New York tours internationally with The Death of little Ibsen, a hand and rod puppet show. Their developing production Rabinowitz has been awarded a 2006 Jim Henson Foundation seed grant.


The best puppetry is often both playful and a little spooky. And what exactly is a puppet theatre? This clip of JEROME MURAT may make you wonder.